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東京:草風館, 2003



This anthology is the first attempt at giving to the Japanese a comprehensive introduction of Taiwan’s Aboriginal Literature born out of the Aboriginal Cultural Movement. Volumes 1 to 4 include poems, fiction and prose from writers of 10 different tribes. Volume 5 is composed of myths legends and modern essay collections. Volume 8 and 9 are discussions on Aboriginal Literature, and an indispensable reference for an in-depth understanding and critique of the Aboriginal Literature development. Most of the articles included here which are written by critics from the Han ethnicity broach the questions pertaining to the formation and definition of Aboriginal Literature, while touching upon the critique of Aboriginal Literature and the discussion of fundamentals of its aesthetics. Works of major writers are evaluated and assessed individually. The Anthology presented as a series of volumes, it is believed, will broaden our understanding of the Aborigines’ ancient myths, living conditions, values and life philosophies.
Quoted from:臺灣文學網